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Christopher John Elliott and Carolyn Doris Brears

Husband Christopher John Elliott

           Born: 30 Aug 1943 - Haslemere, Surrey
       Marriage: Between Jul and Sep 1972 - Surrey Soth Western District, Surrey

Wife Carolyn Doris Brears

           Born: 27 Dec 1946 - Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

         Father: Henry John Brears
         Mother: Doris Amy Foote

1 F Sarah Elliott

           Born:  - New Zealand

Charles Brears and Ann Sowerby

Husband Charles Brears

           Born: Abt 1809 - Crowle, Lincolnshire
           Died: Between 1848 and 1851 - Fockerby, Lincolnshire

         Father: Thomas Briers 17
         Mother: Mary Brown 133

       Marriage: 21 Nov 1833 - Thorne, Yorkshire

Wife Ann Sowerby

           Born: 20 Feb 1809 - Fockerby, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 26 Feb 1809 - Adlingfleet, Yorkshire

         Father: Thomas Sowerby
         Mother: Ann Featherly


abode: Staying with parents, husband not present, 1841, Fockerby, Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Cottager of 6 acres, 1851, Fockerby, Lincolnshire.

abode: Living by means of "household property", 1861, Fockerby, Lincolnshire.

1 M Thomas Brears

           Born: Abt 1834 - Fockerby, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 19 Jun 1834 - Adlingfleet, Yorkshire
           Died: 1918
         Spouse: Jane Leaning
           Marr: 23 May 1862 - Doncaster, Yorkshire

2 M John Brears

           Born: Abt 1849 - Fockerby, Lincolnshire

General Notes: Wife - Ann Sowerby

On the 1861 census there is a boarder; George Sowerby, a proprietor of houses, b c1793 Garthorpe, Lincolnshire (her brother?).[JDB]

Charles Brears and Ellen Middleton

Husband Charles Brears

           Born: Abt 1892 - Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire

         Father: Fred Brears
         Mother: Sarah Smith

       Marriage: Dec 1923 - Louth District, Lincolnshire

Wife Ellen Middleton

           Born: 27 Mar 1895 - Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
           Died: 1982 - Boston District, Lincolnshire

1 M Charles Reginald Brears

           Born: 28 Mar 1928 - Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
           Died: 2006 - Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire
         Spouse: Pauline Wendy Pascoe
           Marr: Jun 1966 - Havering District, London

Charles Alfred Brears and Charlotte Elizabeth Swann

Husband Charles Alfred Brears

           Born: Abt 1840 - Westwood, Haxey, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 21 Jun 1840 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire
           Died: Mar 1906 - Glanford Brigg District, Lincolnshire

         Father: John Brears
         Mother: Elizabeth Eyre

       Marriage: Between Jul and Sep 1863 - Glanford Brigg District, Lincolnshire


abode: Staying with his aunt Ann Firth, 1851, Kirton, Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Apprentice plasterer to Uncle George Firth, 1861, Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Builder (master employing 3 hands), 1871, 18 Church Street, Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Bricklayer, 1881, Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Bricklayer, 1891, Malt Kiln Lane, Kirton In Lindsey Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Builder (employer), 1901, Malt Kiln Lane, Kirton In Lindsey Lincolnshire.

Wife Charlotte Elizabeth Swann

           Born: Abt 1840 - Carleton Le Moorland, Lincolnshire
           Died: 14 Jan 1921 - Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire

         Father: James Butler Swann
         Mother: Ann


Probate: 28 Jun 1921, London, Middlesex.

1 M Fred Brears

           Born: Abt 1863 - Kirton, Lincolnshire
           Died: 1947
         Spouse: Sarah Smith
           Marr: Between Oct and Dec 1887 - Caistor District, Lincolnshire

2 F Ann Elizabeth Brears

           Born: Abt 1865 - Kirton, Lincolnshire
         Spouse: Ernest Binns
           Marr: Jul 1892 - Glanford Brigg District, Lincolnshire

3 M Charles Alfred Brears

           Born: Abt 1868 - Kirton, Lincolnshire
           Died: 15 Oct 1929 - Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire
         Spouse: Jane Picksley
           Marr: Between Jul and Sep 1899 - Glanford Brigg District, Lincolnshire

4 F Gertrude Brears

           Born: Abt 1871 - Kirton, Lincolnshire
           Died: 22 May 1952 - Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire
         Spouse: Edward Stephen Phillipson
           Marr: Between Apr and Jun 1894 - Glanford Brigg District, Lincolnshire

5 M John Arthur Brears

           Born: Abt 1873 - Kirton, Lincolnshire
           Died: 14 Feb 1950 - Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire
         Spouse: Jane Edith Ann Havercroft
           Marr: 19 May 1902 - St Silas, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire
         Spouse: Charlotte Pycock
           Marr: Between Jan and Mar 1917 - Grimsby District, Lincolnshire

6 F Florence Brears

           Born: Abt 1876 - Kirton, Lincolnshire
           Died: 1943 - Doncaster, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Sidney Benson
           Marr: Between Oct and Dec 1910 - Glanford Brigg District, Lincolnshire

7 M Percival Brears

           Born: Abt 1879 - Kirton, Lincolnshire
           Died: 20 Jul 1958 - Loughton, Essex
         Spouse: Ethel Marion Broadgate
           Marr: Apr 1907 - Glanford Brigg District, Lincolnshire

8 M Tom Brears

           Born: 31 Jul 1881 - Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire
           Died: 1970 - Southampton, Hampshire
         Spouse: Ada Carey
           Marr: Between Jul and Sep 1912 - Wandsworth District, Surrey

Charles Alfred Brears and Jane Picksley

Husband Charles Alfred Brears

           Born: Abt 1868 - Kirton, Lincolnshire
           Died: 15 Oct 1929 - Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire

         Father: Charles Alfred Brears
         Mother: Charlotte Elizabeth Swann

       Marriage: Between Jul and Sep 1899 - Glanford Brigg District, Lincolnshire


Occupation: Bricklayer, 1891, Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Bricklayer, 1901, Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Bricklayer, 1911, Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire.

Probate: 9 Apr 1930, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Wife Jane Picksley

           Born: Abt 1867 - Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire
           Died: 5 Apr 1930 - Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire


Probate: 19 Jan 1931, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

1 F Emmie Brears

           Born: 4 Apr 1901 - Kirton In Lindsey, Lincolnshire
           Died: 1978

Charles Frederick Brears M.D., C.M. and Mary Nicholson

Husband Charles Frederick Brears M.D., C.M.

           Born: 2 Oct 1864 - Kellingley, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 6 Nov 1864 - Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Knottingley, Yorkshire
           Died: 13 Jun 1960 - Clifton Hospital, York, Yorkshire

         Father: Thomas Brears
         Mother: Elizabeth Poskitt 47

       Marriage: 20 Apr 1904 - St John's Wesleyan Church, Ashbrooke Road, Sunderland, Durham


Qualifications: L.F.P.S. (Licentiate, Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow).

Qualifications: L.R.C.P.(Licentiate, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh).

Qualifications: L.R.C.S. (Licentiate, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh).

Emigration: 1882, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Occupation: Trainee doctor, Between 1893 and 1898, Montreal General Hospital, Quebec, Canada.

Education: Medicine; MD, CM, Between 1893 and 1898, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Occupation: Doctor of Medicine "lung", practising, 1901, West House, Southwick, Durham.

Travel: arrived back on SS Mauritania from New York, USA, 28 Jul 1908, Liverpool, Lancashire.

Occupation: Physician and surgeon, 1911, Southwick House, Southwick on Wear, Sunderland, Durham.

Will: and signed it, 18 Aug 1934.

Probate: 13 Jun 1960, Durham, Durham.

Wife Mary Nicholson

           Born: Abt 1880 - Sunderland, Durham
           Died: 27 Jan 1962 - Scarborough Hospital, Scarborough, Yorkshire

         Father: John Spours Nicholson
         Mother: Elizabeth Ann Cook


abode: Widowed, 1961, Pickering, Yorkshire.

Probate: 9 Jul 1962, Durham, Durham.

Marriage Events

Witnesses: Elsie Blair Allen & Walter Thomas Tiplady Gibson.

1 F Elizabeth May Brears

           Born: 18 Apr 1906 - Southwick, Sunderland, Durham
           Died: 1998 - Middlesbrough, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Walter Henry Richardson
           Marr: 15 Jun 1829 - St John's Wesleyan Church, Ashbrooke Road, Sunderland, Durham

General Notes: Husband - Charles Frederick Brears M.D., C.M.

According to the McGill Directory of Graduates, 1913; Charles Frederick Brears graduated from McGill in 1898, receiving the M.D., C.M. degree which was the standard medical degree (M.D. = Medicinae Doctor (Doctor of Medicine), C.M. = Chirurgiae Magister (Master in Surgery)).The "Annual Calendar of the Faculty of Medicine" of McGill University provides a great deal of information about the course of study and the achievements of students. There are the following listings for C. F. Brears in the class lists:Session 1893-94:First Year:Brears, C.F. Regina, Northwest Territories (Regina is now the capital of the province of Saskatchewan, which was formed out of part of the former Northwest Territories). This would have been Brears' "home town".He is listed as passing in Botany.Session 1894-95:Second Year:Brears, C.F., Regina, NWT.He is listed as passing in Chemistry, Histology, Practical Chemistry.Session 1895-96:Third Year:Brears, C.F., Montreal, Quebec.He is listed as passing in Hygiene, Medical Jurisprudence, Mental Diseases, He also passed Anatomy, which is a second year course.Session 1896-97:Fourth Year:Brears, C.F., Regina, NWT.Sadly, the examination results for individual courses were not included in the announcement for this year.Session 1897-98Fourth Year:Brears, C.F., Regina. Again, no listing for individual subjects, graduates or award winners.In the following year C.F. Brears, Regina, NWT, is listed as having become a doctor in 1898. His name does not appear in any list of graduating or class prizes.The course of study he would have followed is laid out in the Calendar for 1893-94 as:anatomy, chemistry, practical chemistry; physiology, histology, pharmacology and therapeutics, medicine, clinical medicine, surgery, clinical surgery, midwifery, gynaecology, medical jurisprudence, ophthalmology and otology, hygiene and public health, botany or zoology, pathology, laryngology and rhinology. Students were also required to spend at a hospital, have compounded medicine for six months, act as a clinical clerk for 6 months in a hospital.I also noticed in the British "Medical Directory" from 1913 that Dr Brears subsequently earned a L.R.C.P.(Licentiate, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh), and a L.R.C.S. (Licentiate, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh), and a L.F.P.S. (Licentiate, Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow).[Chris Lyons,Assistant History of Medicine Librarian,Osler Library of the History of Medicine McGill University]Transcript from "Durham at the Opening of the Twentieth Century". (1906)Contemporary Biographies - MedicalBrears.- CHARLES FREDERICK BREARS, M.D., Southwick House, Southwick-on-Wear, Sunderland; son of Thomas Brears, J.P., of Assiniboia, Canada; born at Kellingley, Yorkshire October 1866; educated at Doncaster Grammar School, McGill University, Montreal and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Edinburgh; M.D., C.M. McGill University, L.R.C.P. and S.Edin., L.F.P. and S.Glasgow.Medical Officer for Monkwearmouth West District Sunderland Union, and Public Vaccinator; Medical Referee for several important Insurance Companies. Married Mary, youngest daughter of the late John Spours Nicholson, file manufacturer, Sunderland.Transcript from London Gazette 10 Jan, 1930:"Notice is hereby given that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, Charles Frederick Brears and Thomas Dickey, carrying on business as Physicians and Surgeons, at Southwick, Sunderland in the County of Durham, under the style or firm of BREARS & DICKEY, has been dissolved by mutual consent as and from the 31st day of December, 1929. All debts due to and owing the said late firm will be received and paid by the said Doctor Dickey.- Dated this 31st day of December, 1929.CHAS. F. BREARS.THOS DICKEY.(069)"

Notes: Marriage

Marriage Notice; Sunderland Daily Echo, Thursday 21 April 1904.At St John's Wesleyan Church' Ashbrooke, yesterday the wedding of Dr C. F. Brears, son of Mr T. Brears of Winnepeg, Canada, to Miss N. Nicholson, the youngest daughter of Mrs Nicholson, of The Elms North, Sunderland, was solemnised. The officiating ministers were the Rev. Blair Allen, brother-in-law of the bride, assisted by the Rev. T. W. Beck, of Sans Street Mission. The bridesmaids were the Misses Elsie Blair Allen, and Norma, Mabel and Dorothy Nicholson, nieces of the bride. Mr T. T. Gibson acted as best man.The dress of the bride was of ivory satin trimmed with Honiton lace and chiffon. She wore a wreath of orange blossoms and her mother's bridal veil, and carried a bouquet, the gift of the bridegroom.The bridesmaids were charmingly attired in blue silk voile dresses and carried bouquets of daffodils and lilies of the valley, and wore gold pearl pendants, the gift of the bridegroom. The bride was given away by Coun. Nicholson. The travelling dress was of grey French tweed, trimmed with strips of green faced cloth, with black picture hat.The couple subsequently left for Ventnor.Mr Summers supplied the bouquets.Bride to bridegroom, gold seal; bridegroom to bride, gold bracelet and diamond brooch; mother of the bride, drawing-room furniture and household linen, Mr and Mrs J. S. Nicholson, drawing-room cabinet; Rev. and Mrs E. Blair-Allen, tea service; Mr and Mrs E. V. Nicholson, satin eider-down; Miss Pickersgill (Yorks), silver tea spoons; Mr and Mrs R. G. Kirkby (South Africa), silver entree dish; Miss M.Gibbon, silver vase; Mr and Mrs Jas. Nicholson, case of cutlery; Miss M. Shotton, painting; Mrs J. S. Nicholson, tray cloth; Miss Rose Reed, brass crumb brush and tray; Miss Parker (Harrogate), six d'oylies; Miss Barrett (Harrogate), drawn linen tea cloth; Mrs Richardson, Teneriffe tea cloth; Mrs R. G. Kirkby, Arabian tablecloth; Mr and Mrs Hutchinson, silver butter dish and knife; Miss Mabel Nicholson, table-centre; Mr and Mrs William Davison, silver mounted breadboard; Miss N. Davison,. silver mounted breadknife; Mr and Mrs G. H. Robinson, silver sugar basin and cream jug; Mr and Mrs J. Boddy and family, silver salt-cellars; Mr Speeding and family, Vienna ornaments; Miss E. Speeding, bedroom slippers; Mr and Mrs Dixon (Southwick), silver hot water jug; Miss Davison, silver button-hooks and shoe-horn; Mr and Mrs W. B. Ellis (Hexham), cushion; Mr and Mrs C. J. Nicholson, case of table silver; Miss Scott (Southwick), carvel table; Mr and Mrs G. A. Nicholson, breakfast service; Miss M. Johnston (Belfast), satin table-centre; Mr and Mrs Johnston (Belfast), brass and marble stand and plant pot; Miss R. Cross, glass bowls and butter dishes; Miss Stoker (Chicago), silver sugar spoon; Mr and Mrs Wm. Pickersgill, carvel chair; Mrs Stainsby, rose bowl and vases; Miss Christal, table-centre; Mr and Mrs J.C. Nicholson, case of silver fish knives and forks; Mr and Mrs R. Cook, silver candlesticks; Mrs Frew, coal vase; Misses Jessie and Bella Frew, copper candlestick; Miss Henderson, copper hot water can; Miss Waterston, hatpins; Mr and Mrs M. Kirkup, table-centre; Mrs Doxford, table-centre, Mrs Spensley, silver photo frame; Mrs Walker, pin-cushion; Misses Pickersgill, silver photo frame; Mrs W. Ridley, cut-glass silver-mounted powder box; Mr & Mrs W. Pickersgill, jun., silver tea spoons; Miss and Miss M. Cook, silver jam spoon; Miss Scott, cushion; Mrs Brown, rose bowl; Dorothy, Mary, Annie, Kathleen and Jack, vases; Mrs Anthony Scott (Southwick), silver butter dish and knife; Mrs Graham (Shropshire), silver hot water jug; Mr and Mrs J. Falshaw Hobson, silver tea service; Mrs Hudson, gold watch and chain; Mrs Baine, brass spirit kettle; Miss Raine, silver sardine servers; Mrs Tweedie (Liverpool), cushion; Mrs Charles Pickersgill, silver sugar basin and sifter; Mrs J. Dixon, ornaments; Hamish, Betty and Nella, pin-cushion; Mrs Clarke (Belfast), Irish linen tea cloth; Mr M. Carling, pictures; Rev. and Mrs E. B. Keeling, book; Mr Newrick, ornaments; Master Theo. Nicholson, toilet set and "cat"; Mr Rennison, silver mounted scent-bottle; Miss Elsie Blair-Allen, table-centre; Miss Louie Blair-Allen, tea cosy; Master Frank Blair-Allen, flower vase; Mrs Phillips, three d'oyleys; Miss Gerty Phillips, fancy tea-pot; Miss Beck, table-centre; Mr and Mrs W. Davidson, jun., four silver pepperettes; Mr and Mrs Reg. Harrison, Worcester ornaments; Miss Nella Nicholson, enlarged photo of mother; Mr and Mrs Tobin, silver sardine server; Mr and Mrs W. Bruce, jun., fancy silk table-cover; Mr and Mrs H. G. Davison, picture; Mr and Mrs W. Royd (Southwick), biscuit-box; Mrs Fenwick, muffineer; Mr and Mrs Tom Speeding, epergne; Ald. and Mrs Bruce, travelling clock; Miss Bruce and Miss Whitehead, ornaments; Mr and Mrs D. Cairns, silver toast rack; Mr and Mrs Cook (North Biddick Hall), diamond and pearl bracelet; Rev. and Mrs T. W. Beck, copper crumb brush and tray; Miss Milburn (Allendale), silver pin-cushion; Miss Robinson (Ryhope), ornament; Miss Smalley (London), silver flower vase, Mr and Mrs Charlie Nicholson, silver sugar basin and spoon; Mrs Wm. Branfoot, silver epergne.

Charles Reginald Brears and Pauline Wendy Pascoe

Husband Charles Reginald Brears

           Born: 28 Mar 1928 - Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
           Died: 2006 - Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

         Father: Charles Brears
         Mother: Ellen Middleton

       Marriage: Jun 1966 - Havering District, London


Occupation: Teacher.

Wife Pauline Wendy Pascoe

           Born: 1942 - Somerset

1 M Paul Brears

           Born: 1974 - Swindon, Wiltshire

Charley Brears and Ida May Seaton

Husband Charley Brears

           Born: Abt 1877 - Garthorpe, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 1 Jul 1877 - Luddington, Lincolnshire

         Father: Thomas Brears
         Mother: Jane Leaning

       Marriage: Between Oct and Dec 1919 - Thorne District, Yorkshire


Occupation: Worker on farm, bachelor, living with father, 1911, Crowle, Lincolnshire.

Wife Ida May Seaton

           Born: Abt 1888 - Crowle, Lincolnshire

         Father: Joseph Boston Seaton
         Mother: Ann Whiteley

1 F Alice Brears 114

           Born: Abt 1919 - Belton, Lincolnshire
           Died: 2006 - Belton, Lincolnshire

2 F Elsie Brears 114

           Born: Abt 1920 - Belton, Lincolnshire

3 F Mary Laura Brears 114

           Born: Abt 1923 - Belton, Lincolnshire

4 M Thomas Charles Brears 114

           Born: Abt 1930 - Belton, Lincolnshire
         Spouse: Unknown

Thomas Hill and Christiana Brears

Husband Thomas Hill

           Born: Abt 1760 - Yorkshire
       Marriage: 5 Aug 1784 - Thorne, Yorkshire

Wife Christiana Brears

           Born: Abt 1766 - Hatfield, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 4 May 1766 - Hatfield, Yorkshire

         Father: Richard Brears
         Mother: Ann Hewitt

1 M Richard Hill

           Born: 23 Nov 1784 - Hatfield, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 12 Dec 1784 - Hatfield, Yorkshire

2 M Robert Hill

           Born: 18 Mar 1787 - Hatfield, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 20 May 1787 - Hatfield, Yorkshire

3 F Elizabeth Hill

           Born: 3 Feb 1789 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 16 Jun 1789 - Thorne, Yorkshire

4 M Thomas Hill

           Born: 14 Sep 1790 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 18 Sep 1790 - Thorne, Yorkshire

5 F Ann Hill

           Born: 20 May 1794 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 7 Jun 1794 - Thorne, Yorkshire

6 M William Hill

           Born: 14 Jul 1795 - Thorne, Yorkshire
           Died: Bef 1802

7 M John Hill

           Born: 6 Sep 1796 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 30 Oct 1796 - Thorne, Yorkshire

8 M Unknown Hill

           Born: Abt 1798 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 1798 - Thorne, Yorkshire

9 F Susanna Hill

           Born: 9 Jun 1799 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 10 Jun 1799 - Thorne, Yorkshire

10 F Jane Hill

           Born: 5 Jun 1800 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 10 Jun 1800 - Thorne, Yorkshire

11 F Christiana Hill

           Born: 18 Jun 1801 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 25 Jul 1801 - Thorne, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Thomas Evinson Tompkin
           Marr: 31 Aug 1824 - Rotherham, Yorkshire

12 M William Hill

           Born: 4 Jul 1802 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 25 Jul 1802 - Thorne, Yorkshire

13 M Joseph Hill

           Born: 15 Mar 1804 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 11 May 1804 - Thorne, Yorkshire
           Died: 1882 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Elizabeth

14 M Charles Hill

           Born: 1 Jun 1807 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 15 Jun 1807 - Thorne, Yorkshire

Edward Thomas Young and Christina Aileen Brears

Husband Edward Thomas Young

           Born: 20 Sep 1903 - Leeston, Canterbury, New Zealand
           Died: Feb 1979 - Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Wife Christina Aileen Brears

           Born: 12 Oct 1919 - New Zealand

         Father: William Coggan Brears
         Mother: Christina Boswell




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