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William Holgate and Elizabeth Watson

Husband William Holgate

           Born: Abt 1791 - Misson Springs, Nottinghamshire
       Baptised: 3 May 1791 - Misson, Nottinghamshire

         Father: George Holgate
         Mother: Ann

       Marriage: 27 Nov 1810 - Thorne, Yorkshire

   Other Spouse: Amanda


Occupation: Gemekeeper, no wife present, 1841, Thorne, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Agricultural labourer, 1851, Thorne, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Gamekeeper, 1861, Thorne, Yorkshire.

Wife Elizabeth Watson

           Born: 22 Jan 1794 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 30 Jan 1794 - Thorne, Yorkshire

         Father: John Watson
         Mother: Sarah (Sally) Parrott

1 M George Holgate

           Born: 15 Apr 1811 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 15 Apr 1811 - Thorne, Yorkshire

2 M John Holgate

           Born: Abt 1812 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 24 Feb 1813 - Thorne, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Sarah Furniss
           Marr: 18 Oct 1831 - Thorne, Yorkshire

3 F Charlotte Holgate

           Born: Abt 1815 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 8 Apr 1815 - Thorne, Yorkshire

4 F Mary Holgate

           Born: Abt 1819 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 29 Dec 1819 - Thorne, Yorkshire

5 F Ann Holgate

           Born: Abt 1821 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 17 Oct 1821 - Thorne, Yorkshire

6 F Elizabeth Holgate

           Born: Abt 1826 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 11 Jun 1826 - Thorne, Yorkshire

7 F Sarah Ann Holgate

           Born: Abt 1828 - Thorne, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 24 Aug 1828 - Thorne, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Thomas Sprakes
           Marr: Between Jan and Mar 1849 - Thorne District, Yorkshire

Matthew Pullan and Maria Holiday

Husband Matthew Pullan

           Born: Abt 1807 - Haxey, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 1 Feb 1807 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire

         Father: Hezekiah Pullan
         Mother: Isabella Scales

       Marriage: 25 Nov 1830 - Althorpe, Lincolnshire


Occupation: Agricultural labourer, 1841, Graizelound, Haxey, Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Farm labourer, 1851, Haxey, Lincolnshire.

Occupation: Agricultural labourer, 1861, Haxey, Lincolnshire.

Wife Maria Holiday

           Born: Abt 1810 - Eastoft, Lincolnshire


abode: Annuitant, widowed, living with nephew & niece Edward & Elizabeth Needham, 1881, Eastoft, Lincolnshire.

1 M John Pullan

           Born: Abt 1831 - Haxey, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 16 Jul 1831 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire
         Spouse: Martha Child
           Marr: 6 May 1852 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire

2 M Hezekiah Pullan

           Born: Abt 1834 - Haxey, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 6 May 1834 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire
           Died: 1907
         Spouse: Ann Mason
           Marr: Between Oct and Dec 1853 - Gainsborough District, Lincolnshire

3 F Elizabeth Pullan

           Born: 19 Aug 1838 - Haxey, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 23 Aug 1838 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire
         Spouse: James Burroughs
           Marr: 17 Dec 1861 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire

4 F Anne Maria Pullan

           Born: Abt 1842 - Haxey, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 14 Jul 1842 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire

5 M George Pullan

           Born: Abt 1849 - Haxey, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 8 Jul 1849 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire

William Palframan and Emily Holker

Husband William Palframan

           Born: Abt 1846 - Wirksworth, Derbyshire
       Baptised: 29 Mar 1846 - Wirksworth, Derbyshire
           Died: 1925 - Manchester, Lancashire

         Father: Benjamin Palframan
         Mother: Elizabeth Maskrey

       Marriage: 26 Nov 1871 - Manchester, Lancashire


Occupation: Smallware cotton weaver, living with parents, 1871, 39 Cook Street, Chorlton on Medlock, Lancashire.

Occupation: Cotton weaver, 1881, 3 Cooper Street, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire.

Occupation: Smallware weaver, 1891, 23 Ann Street, Hulme, Manchester.

Occupation: Overlooker - smallware looms, 1901, 23 Duke Street, Hulme, Lancashire.

Wife Emily Holker

           Born: Abt 1849 - Manchester, Lancashire
           Died: 1926 - Manchester, Lancashire

1 M Benjamin Palframan

           Born: Abt 1872 - Manchester, Lancashire
       Baptised: 29 Sep 1872 - Hulme, Lancashire

2 F Elizabeth Palframan

           Born: Abt 1875 - Manchester, Lancashire
       Baptised: 7 Nov 1875 - Hulme, Lancashire

3 F Emily Palframan

           Born: Abt 1877 - Manchester, Lancashire
           Died: 1959
         Spouse: John Joseph Pike Burgess
           Marr: Apr-Jun 1897 - Chorlton District, Lancashire

4 F Lucy Palframan

           Born: 12 Apr 1879 - Manchester, Lancashire
       Baptised: 1 Jun 1879 - Chorlton on Medlock, Lancashire

5 F Clara Palframan

           Born: Abt 1881 - Manchester, Lancashire

6 F Eva Palframan

           Born: Abt 1883 - Manchester, Lancashire

7 M John William Palframan

           Born: Abt 1886 - Manchester, Lancashire

John Leppington and Ann Holland

Husband John Leppington

           Born: 27 Jun 1857 - Albion Township, Peel, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 28 Nov 1924

         Father: Edward Leppington
         Mother: Ann Peacock

       Marriage: 11 Mar 1879 - Minto Township, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

Wife Ann Holland

           Born: 7 Jul 1858 - Minto Township, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 29 Jun 1927 - Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada

         Father: John Henry Holland
         Mother: Anne Milward

1 M Lewis Levi Leppington

           Born: 18 Apr 1880 - Howick Township, Huron, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 10 Dec 1961
         Spouse: Gertrude Leppington

2 F Ruth Leppington

           Born: 30 Jan 1883 - Howick Township, Huron, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 20 Feb 1966 - Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada
         Buried: 23 Feb 1966 - Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada
         Spouse: Robert Brears
           Marr: 1905 - Canada

3 F Leah Leppington

           Born: 19 Apr 1885 - Howick Township, Huron, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 10 Oct 1971 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
         Buried: 13 Oct 1971 - Saanich, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
         Spouse: Robert Edward Turr
           Marr: 15 Jan 1908 - Harriston, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

4 F Ida Leppington

           Born: 21 Aug 1886 - Minto Township, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 29 Nov 1964
         Spouse: Robert Sidney Orr Cowan

5 F Effie Leppington

           Born: 9 Mar 1888 - Minto Township, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 2 Feb 1946 - Palmerston, Ontario, Canada
         Spouse: Sidney Harding French
           Marr: 25 Sep 1912 - Minto Township, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

6 M Amos Iven Leppington

           Born: 31 Jan 1899 - Bredenbury, Saskatchewan, Canada
           Died: 27 Mar 1982 - Bredenbury, Saskatchewan, Canada
         Spouse: Ellen Ritchie
           Marr: 17 Oct 1923

General Notes: Husband - John Leppington

The Leppington Family History (c1974)Two brothers, John and Thomas Leppington came to the west in the spring of 1889 from Harriston, Wellington, Ontario with the promise of new opportunities on the prairies.John Leppington homesteaded on Sec. 34, Twp. 22-R1 W2nd. Along with the necessary duties to prove his homestead rights he was able to get work on the railroad which was built as far as Saltcoats in 1889. At the same time his wife was cook for the crew of men working on the railroad. Several years later John Leppington decided to take his family back to Ontario and did so in 1902 after making a deal with Mr. George Einboden exchanging his property for property in Toronto.Mr. and Mrs. Leppington had six in their family; Lewis, Amos, Leah, Ruth, Ida, Effie. All except Ida and Effie came back out west to make homes for themselves. Leah married Robert Turr, Ruth married Robert Brears, both settled in the Clumber District. Lewis married Gertrude Leppington and farmed his father's homestead for many years. Besides being interested in farming he was an active livestock buyer and with his keen insight was able to make many good deals. Mr. and Mrs. Leppington buil a beautiful big home on the farm and their's was a show place of the area. They did not have any children of their own but opened their hearts and home to five children who had no home. They were Jean and Joy who were twins, Grace, May and Glenn.In 1949 Mr. and Mrs. Leppington moved to Yorkton in semi-retirement, but after Mr. Leppington died in 1961, Mrs. Leppington moved back to Bredenbury and lived there till she passed away in Oct 1974.

Jabez Rutledge and Beatrice Mary Holland

Husband Jabez Rutledge

           Born: Abt 1871 - Stamford, Lincolnshire

         Father: John Rutledge
         Mother: Emma

       Marriage: 22 May 1899 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire


Occupation: Blacksmith, 1901, Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire.

Wife Beatrice Mary Holland

           Born: Abt 1876 - Haxey, Lincolnshire

         Father: George Holland
         Mother: Mary Ann Darrand


Charles Holland and Ann Nicholson

Husband Charles Holland

           Born: Abt 1825 - Bellingham, Yorkshire
       Marriage: Between Oct and Dec 1846 - Sheffield District, Yorkshire


Occupation: Labourer - streetman, visiting in-laws, 1851, Brightside Bierlow, Yorkshire.

Wife Ann Nicholson

           Born: Abt 1826 - Sheffield, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 29 Jun 1826 - Sheffield, Yorkshire

         Father: William Nicholson
         Mother: Maria Cawkwell

1 F Margaret Holland

           Born: Abt 1850 - Attercliffe, Yorkshire

Dee R Holland and Darlene Susan Thompson

Husband Dee R Holland

           Born: 24 Mar 1933 - Rigby, Jefferson, Idaho, USA

         Father: Donald Westergate Holland
         Mother: Edith Katy Harwood



abode: 1935, Grace, Bannock, Idaho, USA.

abode: 1992, Tendoy, Idaho, USA.

Wife Darlene Susan Thompson


1 F Leslie Joan Holland

           Born: 17 Jun 1954 - Idaho, USA
           Died: 19 Jun 1954 - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA
         Buried:  - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA

2 M Terry Dee Holland

           Born: 1 Apr 1956 - Idaho, USA
         Spouse: Sonia Rogers
         Spouse: Lenora Priscilla Young
           Marr: 2 Jun 1990 - Idaho, USA

3 F Susan Rae Holland

           Born: 13 Jun 1958 - Idaho, USA
         Spouse: Richard Taylor
           Marr: 11 Jan 1985 - Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA

General Notes: Husband - Dee R Holland

Dee Holland was born March 24, 1933 at Rigby, Idaho. He is the oldest of four children born to Donald W. Holland and Edith Katy Harwood. His brother John and two sisters are still living. Dee attended school at Garfield, Rigby, Grace, and Pocatello. He graduated from high school at Grace, where he played football. He spent three years at Grimms Business School, studying accounting and business management. Later he passed a computer course.After graduation, he married Darlene Susan Thompson from Blackfoot. Three children were born, Leslie Joan, June 17, 1954; Terry Dee, April 1, 1956; and Susan Rae, June 13, 1958.Terry married Sonia Rogers; they divorced. He married Leora Priscilla Young June 2, 1990.Susan married Dan Brown; they divorced. She has an adopted daughter, Stacey Brown, born August 23, 1977. Susan married Richard Taylor January 11, 1985 at Pocatello. They have a son, Trenton D. J., born May 3, 1987.Dee worked at Garrett Freightlines in Pocatello for twenty years, starting as a dock hand and working up to Assistant Director of Equipment Control and (Chief Dispatcher) in the General Office at Pocatello. He took a two year break from Garrett to serve in the United States Army at Fort Richardson, Alaska, where he was assigned to the 17th Motor Pool, earning the rank of corporal.His father served with the army at Fort Richardson fourteen years earlier, constructing the facilities Dee lived in. Ten years later, his brother John was stationed at this same base.In 1956 Dee was discharged and returned to Pocatello and his job with Garrett. He became an ambulance driver, a part-time job, after passing a first aid course. Dee became part owner of S. & T. Development Corporation in 1972, a metal fabrication business that manufactured gas tanks and later, seed boxes for the farm industry. He and Terry designed and built some of the equipment. In 1989, Dee sold his share of the business, and he and Sue moved to Tendoy, where they farm a forty-three acre ranch. He is currently employed with Q.B. Corporation.Dee is a member of the Southeast Gem and Mineral Society, the Northwest Federation Mineralogical Societies, and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. He is currently on the National Rules Committee for the A.F.M.S.He has held positions of Club President, Show Chairman, and Club Federation Director. In the Northwest Federation, he has held positions of President, Vice-President, Show Chairman,Newsletter Editor, and Slide Librarian. While Dee was N.F.M.S. President, he and Sue traveled to Washington, D.C. with other club officials

Robert Travis and Elizabeth Holland

Husband Robert Travis

           Born: Abt 1782 - Owston, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 26 Apr 1782 - Owston, Lincolnshire

         Father: Thomas Travis
         Mother: Elizabeth Jubb

       Marriage: 23 Feb 1807 - Owston, Lincolnshire

Wife Elizabeth Holland



Ernest Morton Holland and Rebecca Longstaff

Husband Ernest Morton Holland

           Born: Abt 1865 - Ripponden, Yorkshire
       Marriage: 30 Jul 1890 - Rashcliffe, Yorkshire


Occupation: Grocer's assistant, 1891, Lockwood, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Grocer's manager, 1901, Lockwood, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Grocery manager, 1911, Lockwood, Yorkshire.

Wife Rebecca Longstaff

           Born: Abt 1870 - Knottingley, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 26 Oct 1873 - Knottingley, Yorkshire

         Father: Unknown
         Mother: Hannah Longstaff


abode: Living with grandmother Eliza Longstaff, 1881, Knottingley, Yorkshire.

1 F Florence Holland

           Born: 27 Dec 1890 - Lockwood, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 21 Oct 1897 - Rashcliffe, Yorkshire

2 M Henry Holland

           Born: 16 Jan 1895 - Lockwood, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 21 Oct 1897 - Rashcliffe, Yorkshire

Thomas Leppington and Fanny Holland

Husband Thomas Leppington

           Born: 19 Jul 1860 - Albion Township, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 5 Nov 1950 - Harriston, Minto Township

         Father: Edward Leppington
         Mother: Ann Peacock

       Marriage: 7 Nov 1885 - Palmerston, Ontario, Canada

Wife Fanny Holland


1 F Amanda Leppington

           Born:  - Minto Township, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 20 Jun 1966
         Spouse: Andy Wiley

2 F Gertrude Leppington

           Born: 7 May 1888 - Howick Township, Huron, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 7 Oct 1974 - Saskatchewan, Canada
         Spouse: Lewis Leppington
         Spouse: Lewis Levi Leppington

3 M Milward Leppington

           Born: 1 Aug 1889 - Section 4 Twp 22 Range Northwest Territories
           Died: 7 May 1984
         Spouse: Margaret Kroft

4 M Ernest Leppington

           Born: 3 Jun 1890 - Section 4 Twp 22 Range Northwest Territories
           Died: 9 Jul 1953
         Spouse: Zella Shoemaker

5 M Arthur Leppington

           Born: 4 Mar 1894 - Canada
           Died: 16 May 1987 - Saskatchewan, Canada
         Spouse: Mabel Pearl Copeland

6 M Thomas Leppington

           Born: 29 Sep 1902 - Minto Township, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
           Died: 9 Feb 1903

7 M Roger Leppington

           Born: 21 Mar 1904
           Died: 1982

General Notes: Husband - Thomas Leppington

The Leppington Family History (c1974)Two brothers, John and Thomas Leppington came to the west in the spring of 1889 from Harriston, Wellington, Ontario with the promise of new opportunities on the prairies. Thomas made entry for a homestead on Sec. 22, Twp. 22-R1 W2nd in the Clumber District. They lived there for a while and then returned to Ontario in 1894. Their three children Arthur, Gertrude and Amanda were born in the west and later returned to make their homes in this area. Gertrude became the wife of Lewis Leppington and Amanda married Andrew Wiley of the Perley District.In 1927 Art came west again and with his wife Mabel (Copeland) made their home in the Cumber District where they raised their family of a son Lorne and a daughter Edith who received their schooling in Bredenbury. Eventually they married and made homes for themselves.Lorne married Dorothy Sinclair of Edmonton, a cousin of James Sinclair of Bredenbury. Lorne and Dorothy have three daughters, Sharon (Schmidt) of Langenberg, Linda (Hantleman) of Regina and Brenda who is a Health Records Consultant of the Department of Regional Services at the Yorkton Union Hospital. Lorne and Dorothy live in Bredenbury.Edith married Stanley Keene, they live on Stan's parent's farm in the Kensigton Lake District. They have two daughters, Lynn (Weick) and Lois (Weick) on a farm north of Churchbridge and son Gordon at home.Mr. Art Leppington was very handy with carpenter's tools and found lots of work in that line, always an active person he is still a good walker. Mrs. Leppington was vey interested in gardening, flowers, shrubs, fruits, all showed the care they were given. Mr. and Mrs. Leppington celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on April 17, 1977 at their home in Bredenbury.


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