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James (Jacobus) Turre and Ann Lincoln

Husband James (Jacobus) Turre

           Born: Abt 1654
           Died: 1683 - Haxey, Lincolnshire
         Buried: 12 Mar 1683 - Haxey, Lincolnshire

         Father: Thomas Turre
         Mother: Elizabeth Tankersley

       Marriage: 22 Apr 1673 - Bottesford, Lincolnshire

   Other Spouse: Ann Lister

Wife Ann Lincoln


1 M James (Jacobus) Turre

            AKA: Turr
           Born: Abt 1683 - Riby, Lincolnshire
           Died: 11 Feb 1749 - St Nicholas Church, Haxey, Lincolnshire
         Spouse: Ellen
           Marr: Abt 1703

James (Jacobus) Turre and Elizabeth Lincoln

Husband James (Jacobus) Turre

           Born: Abt 1649
       Baptised: 30 Apr 1649
           Died: 31 Jul 1699 - Normanton, Lincolnshire

         Father: Gregory Turre
         Mother: Ann Farr

       Marriage: 22 Apr 1673 - Bottesford, Lincolnshire

   Other Spouse: Ann Lister


Education: 1669, Magdaline College Cambridge.

abode: (Dictionary of National Biography) after selling land in Lincs, 13 Jun 1669, Syndale, Yorkshire.

Wife Elizabeth Lincoln

           Born: Abt 1655
           Died: 12 Aug 1693
         Buried: 1693 - York, Yorkshire

         Father: William Lincoln


General Notes: Husband - James (Jacobus) Turre

James suceeded his father (Gregory) in estates at Haxey, Burnham, Epworth and Belton. He purchased estates at Syndale (Snydale) near Wakefield in 1699.(See the National Biography)Antiquary and genealogist, James was the son of Gregory Torre by his wife Anne, daughter and heir of John Farr of Hepworth; he was baptised at Haxey in Lincolnshire on the 30 April 1649. Torre's family originally came from Warwickshire, but since the time of Henry IV had lived in or about the Isle of Axholme in Lincolnshire (preface to Drake, Eboracum). his father bore arms for the king in the civil war, and was obliged to compound for his sequestered estate at Goldsmiths Hall. Torre was educated at Magdelene College, Cambridge, where he spent two and a half years, graduating BA. in1669. He entered the inner Temple as a student, but appears never to have been called to the bar. His inclination led him to the study of ecclesiastical antiquities and genealogies. The former he followed with that prodigious application and exactness as perhaps never any man before or since could equal (ib,) Settling at York, he practically devoted his life to research to the eclllesiastical antiquities of Yorkshire. His collections relating thereto, in five folio volumes, the result of the most minute and laborious effort, are in the possession of the Dean and Chapter of York. The first volume bears the title 'Antiquities Ecclesiastical of the City of York concerning churches, Parochial Conventional Chapels, Hospitals, and gilds, and in them Chantries and Interments, also Churches Parochial and Conventional within the Archdeaconary of the West Riding, collected out of Publick Records and Registers, A.D. 1691'. The other Archdeaconaries are treated in a similar fashion in two more volumes; the fourth volume consists of peculiars belonging to the church or fee. All are indexed. These collections serve as an index or key to all the church or see of York' (preface to Drake, Ebor.) They were presented to the Chapter Library by Archbishop Sharp's executors (Sharp, life of Sharp, ed. T. Newcome, i, 137). Torres method with regard to parochial churches was to notice briefly in whom the Lay interest was vested at an early period, following Kirby's 'Inquest' for the most part; next in whom the patronageof the church vested. he also went through the Wills proved at York, extracting from them all clauses relating to the interests of the testators, and appended the same to the accounts given of the churches in which such internments were to take place. The number of records to which Torre's manuscripts form a kind of index is absolutely startling (preface to Burton, Monasticon Eboracense 1758). These collections have proved of the greatest service to Yorkshire topographers, Hunter speaking of them 'as vast treasure of information' and Dake owning that his work is 'but a key to some part of Torre's collections' (preface to Drake Ebor). Torre also wrote five volumes in folio, entitled 'English Nobility and Gentry, or supplemental Collections to Sir William Dugdale's "Baronage" 'wherein Dugdale's work is transcribed and corrected, and genealogies of many families of lesser note inserted; these volumes (1898) are in the possession of the Rev. Henry Torre rector of Norton Curlieu, Warwick. (Norton Curlieu cannot be found today 2005) Torre died on the 31 July 1699 of 'a contageous disorder then prevelent' (Thoresby, Diary) at Snydall, Yorkshire, shortly after his purchase of the Snydall estate; he was buried in the parish church at Normanton, where there is a brass to his memory. Thoresby speaks of Torre as 'the famous Antiquary... a comely proper gentleman' (ib).He married first Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the Rev. Lincolne, D.D. of Bottesford (notes and queries, 3rd.ser. v.507); secondly Anna daughter of Nicholas Lister of Rigton, by whom he left a son Nicholas and a daughter. A portrait of Torr is in the possession of the Rev. H.J. Torre rector of Norton Curlieu. A small octavo volume published in York in 1719, and entitled "the Antiquities of York, collected from the papers of C. Hildyard, with notes and observations by J.T.' is nothing more than a transcript of ' lean catalogue' (Nicholson, Eng. Hist.. Lib. Fol.p27) of the Mayors and sherifs of York, which was published in 1664 by C. Hildyard and 'which has crept into the world again under the title of " The Antiquities of York City" wth the name James Torre gent. as author prefixed to it' (preface to Drake, Ebor.) [Storehouses History of the Isle of Axholme and authorities quoted in text.] W.C-r. [Bill Torr]

Thomas Poskitt and Hannah Lincoln

Husband Thomas Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1829 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 13 Dec 1829 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 1918

         Father: Mark Poskitt
         Mother: Hannah Ward

       Marriage: 13 Sep 1852 - Fishlake, Yorkshire


Occupation: Cattle dealer, 1861, Fishlake, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Cattle Dealer, 1871, 16 Main Street, Fishlake, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Cattle Dealer, 1881, Fishlake, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Cattle dealer, 1891, Fishlake, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Cattle dealer, 1901, Fishlake, Yorkshire.

abode: a retired cattle dealer, 1911, Fishlake, Yorkshire.

Wife Hannah Lincoln

           Born: Abt 1834 - Tousby, Durham
           Died: 1921

1 M David Thomas Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1853 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 7 Aug 1853 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 1936
         Spouse: Elizabeth Bisatt
           Marr: 20 Aug 1884 - Fishlake, Yorkshire

2 F Ann Elizabeth Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1855 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 27 Jan 1855 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
         Spouse: William Harvey Elliott
           Marr: 13 Jan 1873 - Fishlake, Yorkshire

3 F Jane Ada Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1857 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 13 Sep 1857 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 1858 - Fishlake, Yorkshire

4 M Charles Lincoln Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1859 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 11 Apr 1859 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 1943
         Spouse: Ruth Holmes
           Marr: 12 Jun 1888 - Leeds, Yorkshire

5 M John Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1861 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 6 Jan 1861 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 1861 - Fishlake, Yorkshire

6 F Margaret Mildred Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1862 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 19 Jan 1862 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 1930
         Spouse: Walter Barker
           Marr: 14 Nov 1888 - Fishlake, Yorkshire

7 F Eliza Jane Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1863 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 9 Aug 1863 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 1863 - Fishlake, Yorkshire

8 F Ada Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1864 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 15 Aug 1864 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 1950
         Spouse: George Edward Saunders
           Marr: 30 Jun 1890 - Fishlake, Yorkshire

9 F Anna Maria Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1866 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 14 Oct 1866 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 1867 - Fishlake, Yorkshire

10 M Mark Poskitt

           Born: 30 Nov 1867 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 12 Jan 1868 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
           Died: 26 Jan 1941
         Spouse: Annie Elizabeth Holroyd
           Marr: Oct-Dec 1886 - Thorne District, Yorkshire

11 M John Arthur Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1870 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 6 Mar 1870 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Jane Shirtliff
           Marr: Jul-Sep 1896 - Thorne District, Yorkshire

12 M George William Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1873 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 9 Mar 1873 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Louisa Sterling Rees
           Marr: 1 Jan 1900 - Fishlake, Yorkshire

13 F Frances Hannah Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1877 - Fishlake, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Hughes Charles Cooke
           Marr: Jan-Mar 1900 - Thorne District, Yorkshire

William Lincoln

Husband William Lincoln




1 F Elizabeth Lincoln

           Born: Abt 1655
           Died: 12 Aug 1693
         Buried: 1693 - York, Yorkshire
         Spouse: James (Jacobus) Turre
           Marr: 22 Apr 1673 - Bottesford, Lincolnshire

William Arthur Scholey and Clarice May Linden

Husband William Arthur Scholey

           Born: 15 Jul 1876 - Tilts, Yorkshire 92
           Died: 9 Feb 1962 - Canada 92

         Father: Richard George Scholey 34
         Mother: Eliza Ann Atkinson

       Marriage:  - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 92

Wife Clarice May Linden 92

           Born: 19 May 1881 - London, Middlesex 92
           Died: 5 Mar 1927 - Canada 92

1 F Gertrude Scholey 92

           Born:  - Canada 92

2 M Alfred George Scholey 92

           Born:  - Canada 92

3 F Clarice May Scholey 92

           Born:  - Canada 92

4 M Reginald Sturdee Scholey 92

           Born: 25 Jan 1916 - Canada 92

5 M John Richard Scholey 92

           Born: Abt 1918 - Canada 92
           Died: 22 Jul 1943 - Sicily
         Buried:  - Agira War Cemetary, Sicily, Italy

General Notes: Husband - William Arthur Scholey

William Arthur departed from Liverpool on Mar 31, 1903 for Canada on S.S. Manitoba, arriving in St. John, New Brunswick on April 10. It was the Rev. Barr's expedition bound for Saskatchewan but he got off in Winnipeg for some reason. (Val Scholey)

Joseph Turton and Elizabeth Lindill

Husband Joseph Turton

           Born: Abt 1828 - Hirst Courtney, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 13 Apr 1828 - Birkin, Yorkshire
           Died: 1868 or 1870 - Leeds, Yorkshire

         Father: John Turton
         Mother: Esther Harrison

       Marriage: 1 Sep 1860 - Leeds, Yorkshire


Occupation: Tinner, bachelor, living with parents, 1851, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Tin & iron plate maker, 1861, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Wife Elizabeth Lindill

           Born: Abt 1837 - Leeds, Yorkshire
           Died: Nov 1899 - Union Workhouse, Leeds, Yorkshire
         Buried: 12 Nov 1899 - Leeds, Yorkshire


Occupation: Nailmaker, 1861, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Nail cutter, widowed, 1871, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Nailmaker, 1881, Leeds, Yorkshire.

1 M Edwin Turton

           Born: Abt 1862 - Leeds, Yorkshire
           Died: 1937 - Leeds, Yorkshire
         Spouse: Elizabeth Milner
           Marr: Apr-Jun 1892 - Leeds District, Yorkshire

General Notes: Wife - Elizabeth Lindill

Daughter of Thomas.


George Poskitt and Alice Lindley

Husband George Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1845 - Glasshoughton, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 15 Jun 1845 - Castleford, Yorkshire
           Died: 1917

         Father: Joseph Poskitt 2
         Mother: Mary Ann Frobisher

       Marriage: Oct-Dec 1898 - Pontefract District, Yorkshire

   Other Spouse: Emma Cook - 5 May 1867 - St Giles Church, Pontefract, Yorkshire


Occupation: Potter, 1871, Castleford, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Glass house labourer, 1881, Castleford, Yorkshire.

Occupation: General labourer, remarried, 1901, Castleford, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Potter's labourer, 1911, Castleford, Yorkshire.

Wife Alice Lindley

           Born: Abt 1859 - Hoyland, Yorkshire

   Other Spouse: George Henry Hepworth - Between Oct and Dec 1877 - Barnsley District, Yorkshire

1 F Amy Poskitt

           Born: Abt 1901 - Pontefract, Yorkshire

Thomas Tighe and Alice Lindley

Husband Thomas Tighe

           Born: Abt 1860 - Luddington, Lincolnshire
           Died: 1911 - Goole, Yorkshire
       Marriage: Jan-Mar 1882 - Goole District, Yorkshire


Occupation: Dock labourer, 1891, Goole, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Dock labourer, 1901, Goole, Yorkshire.

Occupation: Dock labourer, 1911, Goole, Yorkshire.

Wife Alice Lindley

           Born: Abt 1861 - Reedness, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 14 May 1861 - Whitgift, Yorkshire
           Died: 16 Feb 1939 - Goole, Yorkshire

         Father: Gervas Lindley
         Mother: Mary Briggs

1 M Thomas John Tighe

           Born: Abt 1883 - Goole, Yorkshire

2 M Frederick Tighe

           Born: 25 Feb 1885 - Goole, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 1 Apr 1885 - Goole, Yorkshire
           Died: 1969
         Spouse: Jane Ann Middleton
           Marr: Oct-Dec 1919 - Goole District, Yorkshire

3 F Mary Elizabeth Tighe

           Born: Abt 1887 - Goole, Yorkshire
       Baptised: 16 Apr 1887 - Goole, Yorkshire
           Died: 1967
         Spouse: John Henry Pilsworth
           Marr: Apr-Jun 1909 - Goole District, Yorkshire

4 F Annie Eliza Tighe

           Born: Abt 1889 - Goole, Yorkshire

5 M Herbert Tighe

           Born: 11 Jun 1892 - Goole, Yorkshire
           Died: 1978
         Spouse: Edith Slingsby
           Marr: Oct-Dec 1922 - Thorne District, Yorkshire

6 M George William Tighe

           Born: Abt 1895 - Goole, Yorkshire

7 M Walter Tighe

           Born: Abt 1899 - Goole, Yorkshire
           Died: 1867
         Spouse: Edith Mercer
           Marr: Jul-Sep 1925 - Goole District, Yorkshire

8 M Frank Tighe

           Born: Abt 1901 - Goole, Yorkshire
           Died: 1936
         Spouse: Elsie McHugh
           Marr: Apr-Jun 1931 - Goole District, Yorkshire

Arthur Lindley and Hannah Mary Lindley

Husband Arthur Lindley

           Born: Abt 1870 - Armthorpe, Yorkshire

         Father: John Charles Lindley
         Mother: Harriet Rowbottom


Wife Hannah Mary Lindley

           Born: Abt 1872 - Doncaster, Yorkshire

         Father: William Lindley
         Mother: Elizabeth Hardy


Arthur Lindley and Annie Kate Thompson

Husband Arthur Lindley

           Born: Abt 1885 - Epworth, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 16 Oct 1885 - Epworth, Lincolnshire
           Died: 1953

         Father: William Lindley
         Mother: Sarah Ellen Booth

       Marriage: Between Jan and Mar 1912 - Thorne District, Yorkshire

Wife Annie Kate Thompson

           Born: Abt 1887 - Belton, Lincolnshire
       Baptised: 30 Nov 1887 - Epworth, Lincolnshire
           Died: 1968

         Father: George Thompson
         Mother: Elizabeth Newbitt


abode: Housekeeper to father, 1911, Belton, Lincolnshire.




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